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Project Sole Bangkok and Cambodia Trip

I had the opportunity to document Project Sole as they delivered shoes and supplies to those in need and refugees in Bangkok and Cambodia. We also had the privilege to make a pit stop in Beijing. These trips are always so memorable for me because it makes me grateful for what I have and where I come from. Usually I am told to document the entire trip, but this time when we went to the refugee camp we weren’t allowed to take photos of them so I was able to help pass out shoes and do fittings on the kids. It was rewarding. If you have the time go check out what Project Sole does at . Here are just a few of my favs from the week:

Castle Hills Kids Triathlon

Ashley LDS Mission Homecoming

These are some of my favorites from the homecoming of Ashley’s family welcoming her back into the states after an 18 month LDS Mission to Germany. These bring me to tears everytime!

Independence PTA Fun Run